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When Celebrated

Always on December 26th


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About the Holiday

Kwanzaa is an African American holiday that goes from December 26th through January 1st and is a celebration of culture, history and heritage. This holiday was started in 1966 by Dr. Ron Kaurenga who wanted to have an alternative to Christmas where African Americans could celebrate their heritage. According to the founder, Kwanzaa is an ever evolving holiday and can be celebrated by anyone regardless of their heritage.

Gift Guidelines

  • Bendera, the Kwanzaa flag
  • Nguzo Saba Poster, poster of the seven principles of Kwanzaa
  • Kinara, the candle holder
  • Mishumaa Saba, the seven candles that stand for the seven principles
  • Mkeka, Kwanzaa mat
  • Kwanzaa decorations
  • Handmade gifts

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