International Thank You Day

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When Celebrated

Always on January 11th


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About the Holiday

International Thank You Day recognizes one of the most, thankfully, used international phrases, the thank you. Sometimes, this phrase is so commonly used that it tends to lose its meaning. This holiday helps to remind us of the importance of this simple phrase. Celebrate this holiday by making your thank-yous are genuine. Perhaps there is someone who has given us quite a bit of help lately, then this would be the perfect day to recognize them. Being an international holiday, another, fun way to celebrate would be to make a game out of it with co-workers or friends to see how many languages you can say thank you in.

We were unable to locate the origin of this holiday.

Gift Guidelines

  • Thank you card
  • Gift basket
  • Handwritten thank you note
  • Sincere thank you
  • Gift card

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