International Frugal Fun Day

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When Celebrated

Always the first Saturday in October


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About the Holiday

International Frugal Fun Day is a day to have some fun the frugal way. This is a day to celebrate by doing fun activities for $5.00 or less, the cheaper the better. This day you can celebrate in many different ways just be creative and have fun. Try flying a kite, taking a hike at a local park, jumping rope, having a water balloon fight, creating some art with side walk chalk, go fishing, or check out your local paper there are many places that offer free or low cost admission. So go be frugal and have some fun!

Gift Guidelines

  • Frugal Living Book
  • Cheapskate's Tip Book
  • Plan an activity
  • Go to the park

October Info & More Holidays

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Sep 23 - Oct 23


Oct 24 - Nov 21