International Firefighters' Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 4th


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About the Holiday

International Firefighters' Day thanks and honors the people who run into a burning building while everyone else is running out. On a daily basis, firefighters risk their lives to save others. Many European countries long recognized May 4th as Firefighters Day as it is the feast day of Saint Florian who is the patron saint of firefighters. In 1999, JJ Edmondson started an email campaign to elevate May 4th to International Firefighters Day in response to a wildfire in Australia that took the lives of five firefighters. The blue and red ribbon is the symbol for International Firefighters' Day.

Gift Guidelines

  • Blue & Red ribbon
  • Firefighters theme gift
  • Gift basket
  • Gift card
  • Fireproof your house
  • Take a fire safety course

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