International Cherry Pit Spitting Day

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When Celebrated

Always the first Saturday of July


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About the Holiday

Compete with your friends and family to see who can spit their cherry pit the farthest since today is International Cherry Pit Spitting Day. The current world record is 100 feet 4 inches. This holiday dates back to 1974 when Herb Teichman held a cherry spitting tournament as a joke. From that point, this contest has been an annual tradition of Eau Claire, Michigan, on the first Saturday of July.

A number of sources have the date of this holiday as July 7th, though we've found an equal number who have the holiday's date coinciding with that of the Eau Claire tournament. Seeing that we've found no credible proclamation that establishes the July 7th date, we view the annually held contest date of the first Saturday in July as the official date of the holiday.

Gift Guidelines

  • Cherries
  • Cherry pie

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