How to Get Your House Guests to Leave

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Typically most people enjoy having family and friends visit. At times having house guests can be stressful, but planning for guests can help to alleviate most of the stressful situations that could arise. Entertaining guests is a time to have fun and enjoy their company, but at some point you may have a house guest that does not follow proper house guest etiquette. When faced with horrible house guests you may ask yourself how do I get my guests to go home? Here are a few helpful hints that can help you get those unwanted house guests to go home.

Annoyed.jpg 1. Make them feel uncomfortable.
Stop being such a wonderful host by not cooking meals, cleaning, washing clothes, or keeping the pantry stocked with food. You know your guests well and are aware of the behaviors that will annoy them, make sure to practice those behaviors frequently. Turn the heating or air conditioning to uncomfortable levels to either freeze or sweat them out.
Chores.jpg 2. Put Your Guest to Work.
Get your guests to babysit your children while you go out for a night on the town, continue using them as built-in sitters and your guests will be gone quick. Make your guest a list of duties they are responsible for like mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, or cleaning the bathrooms. If your guest does not become annoyed by these task then discuss with them the home improvement project that you want them to help you complete, your guests will soon find a reason to head back home. If the home improvement discussion doesn't send them down the road then make sure your guest sees you soaking your feet then tell them that you would like a foot massage and a pedicure.
Charging.jpg 3. Start asking your guest to pay for common expenses and possibly your services.
If you have a house guest that has overstayed their welcome then start charging them for food, water, entertainment, and rental fee for their sleeping quarters. You may want to continue being a good host by still cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes so consider billing your guests for your services.
Pointinggetout.jpg 4. Ask them to leave.
If all else just ask them politely to leave. You are the king or queen of your castle you have the authority to decide who can stay at your home. If you cannot bring yourself to ask your guest to leave, then just tell them that you are expecting more visitors and that they need to leave.

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