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Owning a home is the American dream and your dream has come true. Now that you are all moved in and unpacked, the best way to savor this exciting moment in your life is to celebrate with friends and family. Time for a housewarming party!

A housewarming party is not just for new homeowners. You can host a housewarming party if you’ve moved into a new apartment, bought a new house, or finished a major renovation. There is no set time limit in which to host a party after your move. Anytime you feel ready to show off your new home, whether it is a couple of weeks or months after your move, is appropriate.

Often moving away from friends and family can leave the new homeowners with an empty feeling, so hosting a housewarming party is a fun way to get-to-know the community. For those moving to a new home within the same community, close friends should be invited to the housewarming, as well as any new neighbors.

A housewarming party is generally informal. The highlight of the evening is the grand tour of the home, a chance for the hosts to show off their decorating skills. However, you shouldn't wait until your home looks like a picture in a decorating magazine to host your party. Your guests will understand and are more interested in checking out the house than looking to see if everything is perfect.


Party Theme

The secret to a successful housewarming party is in the planning. You can have an open house party where people drop in and out all day, or a party with a definite arrival and ending time. When considering what type of party to have, think about what would best showcase your new home. A home with a large backyard might suggest a casual cookout whereas a home with a pool might suggest a luau.


Invitations should be sent out two or three weeks before the event. Invitations may be purchased or homemade. Online invitations can be used if all of your family and friends have internet access. Be sure to include the type of party, the date and time, and give the guests an idea of what to wear – casual, dressy, etc. Don’t forget to include directions and provide a map if necessary.

Gift Registry

Some people create a gift registry for housewarming gifts before the event. This is appropriate when the housewarming is being hosted someone other than yourself, and they wish to give the guests hints as to what you might need. Otherwise, there is no proper way to let people know about your registry unless they inquire about it directly.


Food and Decorations

You're going to be busy greeting guests and giving tours so keep it simple. Keep in mind that your guests will likely be standing up or balancing a plate on their knees. Finger foods work best. It’s also fun to coordinate your food with your party theme and decorations. Serving margaritas with steel drum music in the background would suit a poolside party while serving cocktails with soft background music creates a more formal atmosphere.

Decorations should be kept to a minimum. Your guests will be more interested in seeing your new home rather than party decorations. A few decorations relating to your party theme is sufficient. However, you might consider a welcome banner.

A housewarming party filled with friends and family can make a house feel like home. Time to celebrate and enjoy your new abode!

  • Post a note on the front door asking your guests to let themselves in. Be sure to leave the door unlocked. This will prevent multiple trips to answer the doorbell.
  • Place a guest book in a convenient place for the guests to sign and express their good wishes.
  • A gift is generally expected for a housewarming party, whereas, for an open house, a gift is not expected. Gifts do not need to be extravagant but should be thoughtful.
  • Housewarming gifts are generally gifts targeted to help the new homeowners furnish and decorate their new home rather than more personal gifts.

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