Holy Experiment Day

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When Celebrated

Always on March 4th


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About the Holiday

While we've been unable to locate the true origin of Holy Experiment Day, we've seen a couple of interpretations for this holiday. One, is to treat this holiday like a scientist and pray to God for several things to happen (good weather on your vacation, getting an A on your next test, getting a raise, etc.) and keeping score to see which of these happen. Though, seeing as the Lord works in mysterious ways, that wouldn't really be much of an experiment.

The second interpretation, which seems to be more plausible, is that we should use Holy Experiment Day to alter our own actions and behaviors in a more holy way to measure the difference that it makes in our lives and in the lives of others. Not only does this seem more consistent with teachings of religion, it's also more in line with the nature of what a holiday is supposed to be about -- celebrating the good in the world and the things, events and people who've made our lives better and more enjoyable.

Gift Guidelines

  • A bible
  • Charitable donation in the name of the recipient
  • Prayer plaque

March Info & More Holidays

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