Hairstyle Appreciation Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 30th


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About the Holiday

Hairstyle Appreciation Day or Hairstylist Appreciation Day is a day to recognize someone's "new do" or go visit your favorite hairstylist to change your style. It's interesting to look back at the changing styles. In the 60's we had the beehive and the duck tail, the 70's was the shag and feathered hair, the 80's, if it was big, it was in style. In the 90's a TV stars flowing locks influenced how we wore our hair. Through all these times, one thing hasn't changed -- we work hard and spend a lot of money on our manes. So why not have a day to celebrate and appreciate our hairstyle? Besides, it says a lot about who we are and how we want to perceived.

Gift Guidelines

  • Salon gift card
  • Hair products
  • Donate to Love for Locks

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