Goof Off Day

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When Celebrated

Always on March 22nd


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About the Holiday

National Goof Off Day is a day to neglect your responsibilities, and have a day of pleasure, playing, and fun. Today is about taking time for yourself and doing the activities you enjoy. Instead of going to work or school, be a couch potato and play hours of video games, or watch old movies, or go out to lunch with friends, or play a round of golf, or work on your tan. So go start goofing off!

Gift Guidelines

  • Video Games
  • A Gag Gift
  • An Experience Gift
  • Movie Lovers Gift Basket
  • Day at the Spa Gift Card

March Info & More Holidays

Birthstone: Birthstoneaquamarine.jpg
Flower: Jonquil.jpg
Feb 19 - Mar 20


Mar 21 - Apr 19