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When Celebrated

Always on December 20th


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About the Holiday

On Go Caroling Day, we celebrate a great holiday tradition that was very popular in the past, and is still a great way for family, friend, and social groups to celebrate the holiday season. Christmas caroling is believed to have originated from the church by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223. Most traditional carols are those based on religion, songs that feature modern symbols for the holiday season like snowmen and Santa, and others which are considered Christmas songs. Caroling is especially popular during the holiday season in the country of Puerto Rico, where bands of carolers, known as "parranderos", travel from house to house.

Celebrate today by walking around your neighborhood and singing Christmas carols and songs to all your neighbors.

Gift Guidelines

  • Tray of sweet treats to give out to people while caroling
  • Song book of modern and traditional Christmas music
  • Mittens and Hats to stay warm while Caroling

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