Everything You Think is Wrong Day

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When Celebrated

Always on March 15th


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About the Holiday

If today's not getting off to a good start, then it could be because March 15th is Everything You Think is Wrong Day -- a day to recognize that we're all vulnerable and are not always right. Feeling lucky? That perhaps you may be able to escape this holiday's gravitational pull? Simply ask your teenager, boss, sibling or spouse and they'll be sure to let you know a few areas where they think you're wrong. But, today being what it is, wouldn't they technically be wrong as well? Hmmmm.

Not that being wrong once in a while is all that bad. Making mistakes prompts us to ask questions and thus helps us to learn something new. If you make a major blunder, then you can feel free to just sit with your mouth open as it also happens to be Dumbstruck Day. Celebrate this holiday by putting off any major decision making for tomorrow when it's Everything You Do is Right Day.

Gift Guidelines

  • Eraser
  • Book of answers

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