Don't Fry Day

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When Celebrated

Always the Friday before Memorial Day


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About the Holiday

Don't Fry Day was designated by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention to be held on the Friday before Memorial Day.[1] With Memorial Day being the kick-off to the summer vacation season, many will attend outdoor events and have increased sun exposure. The goal of Don't Fry Day is to raise awareness of the risks of overexposure to the sun and to help people remember to use good sun protection and sun safety practices.

Some celebrate Sunscreen Protection Day on May 27th annually; however the origin/sponsor of that holiday is not known to us. We prefer Don't Fry Day as it has a known origin, is government sponsored, and doesn't have the same promotional feel as it advocates many approaches to reducing sun exposure, rather than, simply promoting the sale of a product.

Gift Guidelines

  • Sunscreen
  • UV sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Vitamin D supplements

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