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What is Chrismukkah?

Chrismukkah is the coinage of combining Christmas and Hanukkah, but as society is changing, it gives the opportunity for many interfaith couples and blended families the ability to celebrate the holidays together. Many interfaith families have been combining holiday traditions and rituals for many years, but now they have an actual name for their holiday. There are many adaptations to this holiday Chrismukah, Hannumas, and Chanumas. Chrismukkah is celebrated as a pseudo-holiday or alternative holiday, much like the faux-holiday Festivus that came from the television show Seinfeld.

History of Chrismukkah

The term was made popular by the television show, The O.C. on the show one of the characters, Seth Cohen, had a Jewish Father and a Protestant mother. Seth said on the show that he combined the two holidays when he was six years old, and that Chrismukkah was created. Seth also stated during the Chrismukka episodes that the holiday was "eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents". [1]


In 2004, Chrismukkah was born. [2] Michelle and Ron Gompertz, a Jewish-Christian married couple created a site where you will find humorous Chrismukkah greeting cards and gift ideas. This site is credited with popularizing the fictional holiday.

Chrismukkah is just another fabricated holiday, but since the holiday has gained popularity from the media it has turned into a holiday that retailers are commercializing. More retailers are offering Chrismukkah cards, wrapping paper, books, and apparel for all your Chrismukkah needs.

A Controversial Holiday

Chrismukkah has either lovers of the mixed-up holiday, or people who are just offended by the commercialization of such religious holidays. This faux holiday is more of a celebration of the secular traditions, and not the religious traditions. Chrismukkah is not intended to replace either Hanukkah or Christmas and it is not intended to lessen the religious significance of these holidays.

When is Chrismukkah celebrated?

Chrismukkah celebrations begin the first night of Hanukkah, or Christmas Eve, whatever date is first through Christmas Day or to the end of Hanukkah whatever date is last. And, just for those who like to plan ahead...the dates that Chrismukkah is celebrated for the next few years:

December 8 - December 25, 2012
November 27 - December 25, 2013
December 16 - December 25, 2014
December 6 - December 25, 2015

Celebrating Chrismukkah


Many inter-faith families decorate their homes with a Christmas Tree and Menorrah either in the same room or in separate rooms. Chrismukkah celebrations may also combine some of the traditional foods and activities. Most families will celebrate the religious rituals of each holiday separately, but will mingle together certain aspects from both holidays.

Chrismukkah Celebration Ideas


  • Fa-La-La-Latkes
  • Sweet Potato Latkes
  • Meshugga Nog
  • Matzah Pizza


  • Hanging stockings filled with Chocolate Gelt.
  • Dreidel Game by the Christmas Tree or under the Misteltoe
  • Sing or play Chismukkah carols and Chrismukkah-themed songs like "Frosty the Snowman", "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", "Jingle Bell Rock", "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire", or Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song".
  • Or you can celebrate like the Cohen's from The O.C., gather the family together, order some Chinese Food and watch Chrismukkah-season movies like It's a Wonderful Life.

Break out the Christmas tree, decorate with menorahments and string those bagels around the tree, don a Yarmuclaus and get to giving those gifts. Be sure to wish your favorite interfaith family a Merry Mazol Tov!

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