Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

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When Celebrated

Always on November 24th


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About the Holiday

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day is a day set aside to show off your unique abilities. Celebrate today by sharing your talent with anyone, and inviting others to show you their talents. Most everyone can lay claim to some type of unique ability or skill. These can range from being a great photographer or gardener, to being able to put on lip stick with no hands or burping the entire alphabet. Perhaps, you can eat the spiciest of peppers or you can take things others would call garbage and upcycle them into something interesting. Whatever your talent, today's the day to embrace it and share with others.

Gift Guidelines

  • Personalized Nobody Like You Plaque
  • Message Jar containing sentimental messages

November Info & More Holidays

Birthstone: Birthstonetopaz.jpg
Flower: Chrysanthemum.jpg
Oct 24 - Nov 21


Nov 22 - Dec 21