Buzzard Day

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When Celebrated

Always on March 15th


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About the Holiday

Want to celebrate the Legend of The Hinckley Buzzards? Pack your gear and head to Hinckley Township, Ohio on March 15th. Hundreds of buzzards (also known as turkey vultures) annually migrate to this midwestern site on this same date without fail. An old historical manuscript tells the story of a young boy, William Coggswell, who explored this uncharted territory with his uncle in 1810. It was here that he found the "vultures of the air". Legend holds that the area's Native American tribe, the Wyandots, hanged a squaw for witchcraft at the foot of the ledges of the Rocky River - and it is at this site where Buzzard Day officially began.

Thousands of visitors continue to "flock" to the area for this annual rite, which includes a pancake and sausage breakfast, exhibits, activities, bird hikes and more.

Gift Guidelines

  • Toy buzzard
  • Trip to Hinckley, Ohio

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