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When Celebrated

Always on November 16th


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About the Holiday

Button Day celebrates the hobby of collecting buttons. Most shirts, jackets, and pants come with an extra button or two in case you lose one. They typically go into a box or jar just in case. Before you know it you have it filled with a variety of buttons you've never used. Use your creative juices to find something interesting to do with all your buttons like using them in a picture/art, make a necklace, bracelet, glue them on shoes, a purse, a pillow, or box.

The National Button Society, created in 1938, explains the origin of Button Day. Merriam-Webster.com defines a button as "a small, usually round piece of plastic, glass, metal, etc., that is sewn to a piece of clothing and is pushed through a loop or hole to fasten one part of the clothing to another part".

Gift Guidelines

  • Button making kit
  • Jar or box to keep buttons in
  • Blank vest or purse to sew buttons on

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