Be Late For Something Day

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When Celebrated

Always on September 5th


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About the Holiday

CAUTION: Celebrating this holiday could cause frustration for some people.

Be Late for Something Day is a day that gives those who are always on time, a break. Put away your watch, don't look at the clock and just go for it. Get to where ever you are supposed to be when you get there. Take a deep breathe and just be late!

Do you think this holiday was created to get back at all those who think being fashionably late is acceptable? There are many who are always late, lawyers and doctors, for example. Appointments? What's an appointment? I will get to you when I can. Today is their day, but it won't be any different than any other day for them.

Some sayings about being late...

  • "He'll be late for his own funeral."
  • "Late bloomer"
  • "There is no too late, late is just late"
  • "Better late than never."

Gift Guidelines

  • Backwards clock
  • Broken watch

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