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When Celebrated

Usually on September 28th; unless it falls on a weekend, then it's the last school day in September. Some observe on last school day of the month regardless.


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About the Holiday

Finally, a day to ask any question you want! On Ask a Stupid Question Day, no more worrying about the ridicule you'll endure for asking a question that no one else knows the answer to anyway. Isn't it funny how the one who sticks their neck out to go ahead and ask always gets heckled, but in all actuality, everyone who is poking fun is relieved because they really wanted to ask all along.

This day was created by teachers back in the 1980s to promote more questions and interaction from their students. The day is celebrated on the 28th unless that day falls on a weekend, then the holiday is celebrated on the last school day of the month.

Gift Guidelines

  • 20 Questions Game

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