Work at Home Fathers Day

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When Celebrated

Always the Friday before Father's Day


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About the Holiday

Work at Home Fathers Day honors Dads who have chosen to work from home to provide a better family life or for more job satisfaction. With both parents working in many families nowadays, many kids don't get as much parent time as past generations. Luckily, recent technology improvements have made it easier to work productively from home and many parents can better balance being there for their kids with providing for them. To celebrate this holiday, we think not only should we thank the Dads who work from home, but we should extend this privilege to all Dads for the day.

This holiday was created in 2001 by Jeff Zbar of the Chief Home Office who himself is a work at home Dad and wanted to say "Kudos" to other Dads like him.[1][2]

Gift Guidelines

  • Home office equipment
  • Hands free phone headset
  • Stylish PJs
  • Stress ball or desk toy

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  1. Chief Home Officer: Work-at-Home Fathers (Day) Unite!
  2. Work At Home Dads Help Promote Parenting/Professional Balance

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