White Cane Safety Day

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When Celebrated

Always on October 15th


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About the Holiday

White Cane Safety Day became a national holiday in 1964 when then President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the first White Cane Safety Day proclamation. This holiday celebrates blind and visual impaired people and educates those around them that when you see a white cane you should yield to them whether you are a pedestrian or in a car. The white cane is not only a symbol but also a tool that helps blind people navigate obstacles.

Per NjCouncilOfTheBlind.org: In North America the introduction of the white cane has been attributed to the Lion's Clubs International. In 1930, a Lion's Club member watched as a blind man attempted to make his way across a busy street using a black cane. With the realization that the black cane was barely visible to motorists, the Lion's Club decided to paint the cane white to increase its visibility to oncoming motorists. In 1931, the Lion's Club International began a national program promoting the use of white canes for persons who are blind.

Some well known blind people include Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Helen Keller, and Andrea Bocelli.

Gift Guidelines

  • Donation to charity for the blind
  • Book or music CD from a blind singer or author

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