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When Celebrated

Always on April 4th


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About the Holiday

Tell A Lie Day is the one day it's (supposedly) OK to lie. Big[1] or small, a white lie, a little fib or a tall tale. Don't worry, on this holiday it's impossible for anything to go wrong (crossing fingers).

If you're uncomfortable with this day, you can look forward to Honesty Day later this month.

  1. From our Legal Department: We are not advising that it's a good idea to go "too big" with your lie. Confessing to a crime or love affair would not be a good way to celebrate this holiday as your "celebration" will likely be short lived. If for some reason you choose to celebrate this holiday in a "too big" way, you do so on your own accord and you agree to not hold this website, company, owners, associates, affiliates, advisers or anyone other than yourself responsible in any way. :)

Gift Guidelines

  • A Pinocchio doll

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