Tips for Planning a Retirement Party

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Retirement –an important milestone marking the end of routine and the beginning of freedom -definitely a reason to celebrate! Today’s retirees look forward to an active lifestyle quite different from the retirement of our grandparents. Active adults look forward to golf, tennis, traveling, socializing with friends and much more.

Planning a retirement party can be intimidating. If you have been put in charge of a retirement party, whether for a co-worker, relative or acquaintance, it is your job to honor the retiree while making the event fun for all. Below are some tips to help you plan a successful retirement party:

1.Consider the honoree’s personality. If he or she loves to be the center of attention, impromptu speeches, toasts or a roast may be in order. If, however, the honoree is more quiet and reserved, something low-key is more appropriate. Talk to the retiree’s close friends and family before making the decision. Remember, the celebration is to celebrate them and their likes/dislikes must be top priority.

2. Decisions. Decide on a budget for the party. The budget may determine whether it will be held at the office, a rented space, restaurant or private home. Will it be a surprise or will the retiree be more comfortable knowing ahead of time? If you are in charge of a co-worker’s party, divide the planning up between employees if you wish to keep it a secret.

3. Guest list. Will it be a small private affair or ...will everyone from the company be invited? Remember to contact co-workers via personal email. Friends and family of the retiree must be contacted for the names and addresses of those who are not co-workers.

4. Theme/Decor. You may decide on a theme for the party. Décor should include a tribute to the retiree’s accomplishments. Display photos, trophies and awards. Hobbies


Creating memories is what it is all about. Send your retiree off with a celebration thathe or she will never forget!