Red Hat Society Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 25th


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About the Holiday

We've all seen 'em! A full regalia of "over 50" ladies bearing distinctive red hats and purple outfits. What began as a simple birthday gift of a red hat, with an accompanying poem, The Red Hat ladies have grown into a society of over 40,000 chapters and approximately 1,000,000 members worldwide. The Red Hat Society was officially formed on April 25, 1998 in Fullerton, California, when founder Sue Ellen Cooper and 5 friends chose to dress in their purple clothing and red hats and meet for afternoon tea. The society's mission? To connect like-minded women around the world and to encourage them to have fun together! Red Hat Society Day celebrates just that.

Gift Guidelines

  • Red Hat
  • Red Hat Society-related gifts

April Info & More Holidays

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