Please Take My Children to Work Day

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When Celebrated

Always the last Monday in June


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About the Holiday

This is a holiday for all the stay at home moms. For many, kids have been home for summer break for almost a month and more months at home are ahead. Let's give mom a break and have someone else take their kids to work today. This gives mom a break and something different for the kid(s) to do for a day. Stay at home moms work 14 hours a day (about 100 hours a week) and are on call 24/7. there are no "sick days". All that means is you'll be doing the same things you do every day but just feeling worse than usual. The Census Bureau says stay-home moms are raising about 10 million children. So on Please Take My Children to Work Day ask your husband to take the kids to work today, or your parents, in-laws, siblings and if all else fails get a baby-sitter for at least part of the day and give yourself a break.

Gift Guidelines

  • Aromatherapy gifts
  • Lawn chair, sunscreen

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