National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 15th


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About the Holiday

Yes, there is a National Glazed Spiral Ham Day. A day set aside to celebrate a tender, tasty ham that's been sliced and includes a yummy sugary glaze. Glazed Spiral Ham is a common holiday dish especially for Easter or Christmas. Glaze ingredients may include brown sugar, honey, orange or pineapple juice, prepared mustard, and/or Worcestershire sauce. Spiral ham became popular in the 1950s, which was the time a man named Harry Hoenselaar created a machine that could cut glazed ham into uniform slices. In 1957, he founded HoneyBaked Ham Company and opened his first ham store.

Gift Guidelines

  • Gift certificate to Honey Baked Ham
  • Spiral ham that includes glaze or include glaze ingredients

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