National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

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When Celebrated

Always the second Wednesday in October


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About the Holiday

National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work (or School) Day is a day to bring your teddy bear to work (or school) to hang with you for the day. Many people blogging about this holiday have taken pictures of their teddy bear in work attire and doing work related activities -- like typing on the keyboard, talking on the phone, etc. Have fun with it!

There are a couple of different dates that have been given for this holiday; namely, October 11th and the second Tuesday of October. In our research, we've found the most support for the second Wednesday in October. Also, this would make more sense than the fixed date of October 11th as the Wednesday date would ensure that this holiday always falls on a weekday.

Gift Guidelines

  • A Teddy Bear
  • Office/work clothes for their teddy bear
  • Teddy bear coffee mug

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