National Amaretto Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 19th


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About the Holiday

Ahhhh, Amaretto. This bittersweet almond-flavored Italian liqueur is delicious alone, or can be added to desserts, main entrees and even pancakes for breakfast! The legend behind the liqueur tells of an Italian artist who was commissioned to paint a church fresco in the city of Saronno, Italy in 1525. The painter needed a model to pose as the Madonna, and he found a local widow who not only was more than willing to work, she eventually became the painter's lover. Searching for a gift for him, the woman's modest means could only provide apricot pits soaked in brandy - the precursor to this popular aperitif. Why do we celebrate National Amaretto Day on April 19th? No telling, but it sure is a great idea.

Gift Guidelines

  • Bottle of Amaretto
  • Amaretto Cake

April Info & More Holidays

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