Museum Comes To Life Day

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When Celebrated

Always on June 24th


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About the Holiday

We're assuming that Museum Comes to Life Day is meant from the figurative perspective, rather than a literal one. A museum provides us with snapshots into past times and cultures and preserves them in a way that helps them to come alive in our minds so that we can better understand our history and those who came before us. Today is a day to celebrate the museum and the efforts of the people who work hard to bring our past to life.

We were unable to locate the origins of this holiday, though we've found what appears to be an annual event held during the Saturday of September in Idaho where the Idaho State Historical Museum brings together expert exhibitors and living history reenactors to bring to glimpses of past history to life.[1][2]

Gift Guidelines

  • Night at the Museum DVD
  • Trip to a museum
  • Trip to a historical reenactment

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