Lima Bean Respect Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 20th


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About the Holiday

Named after Lima, Peru and often referred to as Butter Beans these beans get so little respect there is a Lima Bean Respect Day. Usage of Lima beans date back to 5000 BC where they were found along the coast regions of South America. They are loaded with fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, and protein. They are also have high levels of protease inhibitors that stall the development of cancerous cells.

Baby Green Lima Beans are often used in a popular Japanese dessert called Bean Paste. They make great additions to soups, casseroles and spreads. A popular US dish often found in the south is succotash, which contains Lima beans, corn, and chili peppers. To learn more about Lima Beans visit

Gift Guidelines

  • Can or dried Lima Beans
  • Recipes Lima Beans are in

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