Eight Track Tape Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 11th


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About the Holiday

Eight Track Tape Day celebrates those bulky plastic magnetic cartridges that were popular in the mid-60s to the late 70s. Eight track tapes were created because folks wanted to listen to their favorite songs in their car and you couldn't have a record player in your car. Unfortunately, there was no capability to quickly skip to the song you wanted to hear so if the song you wanted to hear was at the end of the tape you would have to listen to the entire tape before you could get to that song.

Created in 1964 by a consortium of companies led by Bill Lear (the person that designed the Learjet) 8 track tapes took up a lot of room (roughly the size of a piece of Texas toast or 15 CDs), these cartridges often snapped, skipped, unwind, crease, and sometimes get eaten by your 8 track player. They were not around for long before getting replaced by the smaller tape cassette.

Gift Guidelines

  • 8 track tape

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