Blood Type Awareness Day

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When Celebrated

Always on June 14th


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About the Holiday

A, B, AB, or O? Rh positive or negative? What's your blood type? If you don't know today is the day to find out since it's Blood Type Awareness Day. All it takes is a little pinprick at the doctor's office. You should know your blood type in case you or someone you love needs blood. By being tested, you'll know right away if you can donate. People who serve in the military have their blood type included their dog tags.

AB negative is the rarest blood type and type O is the most common. Type O Rh D negative blood are universal donors, while AB Rh D positive blood are universal recipients.

Gift Guidelines

  • Blood type testing kit
  • Give blood at a blood drive
  • Get your blood type tested next time you're at the doctor

June Info & More Holidays

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May 21 - Jun 21


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