Babe Ruth Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 27th


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About the Holiday

Babe Ruth Day was declared on April 27, 1947 in Yankee Stadium. George Herman Ruth (aka Babe Ruth or the Bambino) was the first superstar in sports. His career actually started out as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox where he led them to a pair of World Series titles. Before the 1920 season, he was sold to the New York Yankees and quickly became one of the most feared hitters in baseball while helping them win a total of four World Series championships. He had a career total of 714 home runs and was inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame in 1936.

He was born on January 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland and was one of eight children. Only he and a sister survived through infancy. He spent much of his life at St. Mary's Industrial boarding school due to his unruly behavior. In 1946 he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Gift Guidelines

  • Babe Ruth memorabilia
  • Book about baseball
  • Baby Ruth candy bar

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