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When Celebrated

There are two celebrations of this holiday -- a Spring celebration and an Autumn celebration. The Spring holiday occurs on a Saturday between mid-April and mid-May, on or near the first quarter Moon. The Autumn holiday occurs on a Saturday between mid-September and mid-October, on or close to the first quarter moon.

Year Spring Fall
2015 4/25 9/19
2016 5/14 10/8
2017 4/29 9/30
2018 4/21 10/13
2019 5/11 10/5


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About the Holiday

Astronomy Day was started by Doug Berger in 1973 when he set up telescope stations in busy urban locations to encourage the public to take a look up at the stars. It's a day that is meant to connect everyday people with astronomy enthusiasts.[1] In 2007, an Autumn version of this holiday was added.

Gift Guidelines

  • Tour of a local observatory
  • Telescope
  • Book on the stars
  • Certificate showing the stars in the sky the night they were born

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