American Touch Tag Day

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When Celebrated

Always on October 8th


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About the Holiday

American Touch Tag Day is a day to play an exciting game of Tag that most people remember playing as a child. Traditionally Tag is a children's game played outdoors and consists of one child being "it". That person then needs to chase after the other players and tag one of them (touch them) to make them the "it" player. There are usually boundaries to the playing field that restrict the area where players are allowed to go. Going outside the boundaries will automatically make that player the "it" player.

Another variation is called "freeze tag". In this version, when the "it" player tags someone, they are then frozen and cannot move their feet, but can still touch the other players. If the "it" player or one of the "frozen" players touch someone, they then join the army of the "frozen". The game continues until all the "non-it" players have been frozen.

The game of Tag, in some form, is played by children worldwide and is also known by several different names. There are also many variations to the games rules. Celebrating this holiday is easy just get outside, no matter your age, and play a game of Tag.

Tag! You're It!

Gift Guidelines

  • Book of traditional children's games
  • Athletic shoes
  • Flags for capture the flag (variation of Tag)

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