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When Celebrated

Always the fourth Sunday of June


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About the Holiday

America's Kids Day is a day to teach our kids about America's history and the value of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's a time to teach them about the great vision of our founding Fathers when they established our nation and the great leaders who followed them.

We haven't found a conclusive origin, though there are many references to Judith Natale being listed as a contact person for this holiday. This webpage from lists her as the copyright holder for this holiday with a creation date of 1998, though it lists the holiday as being the first Sunday of every June. From our research, we've found multiple seemingly credible references that support this holiday now being celebrated on the fourth Sunday of June.

Gift Guidelines

  • Book or DVD on America's history
  • Book or DVD on US Presidents
  • Patriotic apparel or jewelry
  • Trip to Washington DC

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