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Who How Much
Dining Wait Staff 15% - 20% of the total bill.
  Self Service Restaurant or Buffet 10% if food is delivered to table and/or drinks are refilled.
  Bartendar 15% - 20% of total tab. Or, $1 per beer or wine, $2 for mixed drinks.
  Tip Jar This is optional. Tip 5% - 10% for special or complicated orders.
  Delivery 15%, more during inclement weather
  Parking Attendant Typically $1 - $3
  Coatroom Attendant Typically $1 per coat
  Restroom Attendant Typically $0.50 - $1
Travel Taxi, Limo, Shuttle 15% of total fare, more for loading unloading of luggage
  Airport Skycap Normal fee plus $1 extra for heavy bags
  Valet Parking $2 - $3
  Hotel Bellman $1 per bag, additional if taken to your room, tip again if assist you in checking out, and any additional services they provide
  Hotel Maid $1 per day
  Concierge $2 - $10 depending on the complexity of your request.
  Room Service 10%-15% of total bill. Many hotels automatically add gratuity, check the bill first.
Services Hairdresser 15% to 20%, also acceptable to tip the owner.
  Shampoo and/or assistant $2 - $5 each person
  Barber 15% to 20%
  Manicurist/Facial 15% of total bill.
  Spa Services 15% to 20%
  Shoe Shine $2 per pair
  Grocery Carry Out Assistance If store allows, $1, more depending on how many bags
  Pet Groomer 15% or $2 per dog. Tip more if your dog is difficult.

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