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This is something special you can do for a close friend, family, relative during the hectic days before Christmas. You give them 1 gift each day for 12 days before Christmas. You type the verbiage on a little card or make it more personal by handwriting the card and put on wrapped gift on their door step. You can always mail the gifts if they live too far away. Below is the verbiage along with gift idea you can give.

On the First day of Christmas,

We’ve often heard it said…
It’s nice to give to someone
A loaf of homemade bread.
(homemade banana, blueberry, pumpkin bread, etc.)

On the Second day of Christmas,

We know you’re on the run…
So just sit back, relax,
And have some Christmas fun.
(a game like Skip-Bo, Uno, etc.)

On the Third day of Christmas,

We dropped by to say…
We hope that these flowers
Will brighten up your day.
(ideally give a bulb, vase gift that can grow and last)

On the Fourth day of Christmas,

We know just what you need…
A few quiet moments
Just to sit down and read.
(cookbook, inpirational book...)

On the Fifth day of Christmas,

Five fruits that are sweet…
We hope that you enjoy
This very tasty treat.
(5 pieces of fruit)

On the Sixth day of Christmas,

You need a nice cold drink.
Six bottles of beer will hit the spot
At least that’s what we think!
(6 pack of their favorite beer)

Mixed Candy.jpg
For the Seventh day of Christmas,

We wondered what to do…
But then we found these candies
And we’re giving them to you.
(box of candy, chocolates...)

Chocolate chip.jpg
On the Eighth day of Christmas,

We knew we couldn’t miss…
By sending you
This yummy chocolate kiss.
(chocolate kisses)

Red and gold ornament.jpg
By the Ninth day of Christmas,

We’re sure you’re almost spent
So we’ll brighten up your holiday
With this ornament.
(give recipient an ornament)

On the Tenth day of Christmas,

We want you to stay warm
So cover all ten toes
In very stylish form.
(slippers, slipper socks)

On the Eleventh day of Christmas,

We looked for Lords a leaping
But all we could find
Was this tea that used for sleeping.
(box of teas)

Star cookies.jpg
On the Twelfth day of Christmas

Twelve cookies you’ll find in here…
Sent with love and with the hope
We’ve brought you Christmas cheer.
(homemade (or store bought) cookies)

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